Shawna O’Meara offers several courses of study.


Through classes developed by Vianna Stibal, practitioners are taught how to go into the deep meditative state of Theta and connect with Creator to assist in helping others resolve emotional, physical, and spiritual issues that may manifest as physical illness, emotional discord or even not being able to move forward in one’s life.

Muscle Testing

Learn how to muscle test for the right supplements and foods that best support your health and well-being.

Other Trainings

Aside from being certified to teach the 9 basic courses in ThetaHealing, Shawna has created several mini classes on how to determine the supplements and foods for your health, and many other tools to support your best individual health and well-being.

To check on when the classes as they are scheduled, check her calendar, follow her on her Facebook page, Shawna O’Meara International, or sign up for her occasional blogs, or fill out the form below: