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Shawna O’MearaShawna has an amazing ability to resolve issues quickly, compassionately and with infectious, gentle humor. Many of her clients have laughter return as a daily part of their lives. Teaching her clients a specific technique frees her clients from revisiting their traumas, reducing their symptoms, and many experience results almost immediately. Shawna coaches in person in the Sacramento, California area or via HIPPA compliant video. **Please contact her directly for appointment availability. Weekend and evenings appointments maybe available.

I have worked and studied in the medical industry for over 6 years and have learned more about actually assisting patients/people heal in 3 days than I have in the past 6 years of working in the medical field.

Ebony A., Oakland CA

My work with Shawna continuously launches me to break though my current limits into new territory I once thought unreachable; gaining new awareness and empowering myself with each session. She has helped bring great clarity, strength and healing into my life quickly, with grace, ease, love and most importantly of all, humor! I see the results each time and I feel safe and confident to walk this journey with her. She is a ticket to freedom and fulfillment!

Tanya G. Oakland, CA

Taking the Advanced DNA class with Shawna O’Meara was an amazing experience. She was very thorough and informative. Her overall presentation was very clear and concise. She was extremely helpful when it came to answering any questions that we had. She also gives you the encouragement you need. She is the model instructor that everyone wants to have. I highly recommend taking her class.

Grace B., Occupational Therapy Student

Working with Shawna has profoundly affected my outlook on life. She has been able to target specific thoughts, and beliefs I had about myself and life. She easily helped me to release previous attachments to those negative ideas. Through the use of her intuition and training, thousands of miles apart, Shawna could accurately identifying thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that have negatively plagued my life for years.

Hollie Hill, RN, BSN, CFO, Clinical Director

That Shawna is such a gifted healer comes as no surprise to me. What amazes me are the dramatic results that can be accomplished so quickly, involving my entire being. The sessions are relaxing and soothing. The results are immediate and lasting. No pills, no painful therapy. What you get is Shawna’s gifted connection with Source energy, and the gentle, loving healing that she and Source can offer you.

Sue Wallace, West Sacramento, CA

When we started, I was in the middle of separating from my wife of 17 years and so filled with anger, I was in the deepest despair I could ever imagine. In the beginning I truly thought the Theta work was a joke.

After the shifts started happening, I started noticing my mind set changing. The way I look at things and also how I think about things and myself, has changed so much. Releasing 41 years of anger feels so great!

Cary L., Sacramento, CA

Shawna’s deeply intuitive and compassionate nature makes her a natural healer. Add to this her deep-seated desire to continue to learn and grow in holistic healing methods and you have a healer with brilliant insight and uncanny abilities. You don’t have to understand Theta to reap the benefits – but you do want a very knowledgeable, capable, intuitive practitioner. Shawna O’Meara is one of those.

Dianna H., Registered Nurse, Albuquerque, NM

I broke my little toe (it was at a right angle to my foot). The doctor put me in a boot to heal and talked about perhaps doing surgery since it was such a bad break. I had to be on my foot all day for work. Shawna did a “remote" view and told my wife she saw splintering on the small bones next to the one I had broken. My wife made me take the original x-ray to my boss (a sports doctor) and he saw the splintering Shawna had mentioned.

Shawna asked if she could work on it. I was apprehensive at first, but I am now a believer. Shawna did her “work” and told my wife not to let me walk on it without the boot regardless of how it felt the next morning. The next morning I got up and all the swelling, bruising and pain was GONE! Once I had my doctor x-ray my foot, he was amazed how fast it healed. He had never seen such a bad break heal so fast.

Brian K., Sacramento, CA

Shawna is truly a gifted and wonderful teacher. I was able to take Theta Healing techniques into my psychiatry practice after just the Basic class.

She takes the time to explain EVERYTHING in the manual. Many teachers do not do this. She taught me how to dig correctly and really get to the bottom of beliefs. I didn't realize what an awesome teacher I had in Shawna until I went to Idaho and became a teacher myself.

Ebony S. Anderson, MSN, RN, PMHNP-BC

She has helped me see many things more clearly and helped me to see that I have control of my life – I no longer have to live with all the baggage I hauled around for my whole life.

Zoe W., Holistic Practitioner, NM



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