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Praise & Accolades

She has helped me see many things more clearly and that I have control of my life

Are you ready?
– to change your life in the most positive ways
– to feel good about who you are
– to have all the comforts you want in life
– to be able to think clearly and see the lessons that are being presented
– to learn the lessons so that you may move on
– to think and speak in positive terms at all times
– to feel your connection with Creator
– to know that Creator is part of you

If you are ready, Shawna can help you reach these goals.

She has such a strong presence and you can literally feel her connection with Creator

She has helped me see many things more clearly and helped me to see that I have control of my life – I no longer have to live with all the baggage I hauled around for my whole life.

We have the ability to change the auto responses which keep us trapped in the emotional dramas so many of us live with – Shawna is a wonderful healing guide – Journey with her – you will be amazed at where you go and where you wind up.

Try it – You only have unnecessary baggage to lose!

Zoe W., Holistic Practitioner

Her ability to both heal and inspire is a gift

I have experienced Shawna’s beautiful gift in both private sessions and workshops. Her insightful revelations are delivered in such a gentle manner that I can visualize an issue in an entirely different way and address it with new tools. I recently experienced an injury and Shawna was able to assist me in learning what the injury was caused by and what I could do to move beyond the cause into healing.


Shawna’s energy is bright and clear. Her ability to both heal and inspire are a gift I have seen manifest in many ways and will always cherish.

Morgan B.

Releasing 41 years of anger feels so great!

I wanted to say thank-you for everything you have done for me. When we started, I was in the middle of separating from my wife of 17 years and so filled with anger, I was in the deepest despair I could ever imagine. In the beginning I truly thought the Theta work was a joke.

After the shifts started happening, I started noticing my mindset changing. The way I look at things and also how I  think about things and myself, has changed so much. Releasing 41 years of anger feels so great!

I truly believe in everything you have done for me.

The work you have done with me and for me, has changed my life.
And your friendship, I truly cherish.

Cary L.

Working With Shawna has profoundly affected my life…

Working with Shawna has profoundly affected my outlook on life. She has been able to target specific thoughts, and beliefs I had about myself and life. She easily helped me to release previous attachments to those negative ideas. Through the use of her intuition and training, thousands of miles apart, Shawna could accurately identify thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that have negatively plagued my life for years. She effortlessly cleared the “mean girl” thoughts and it has been incredibly refreshing!!

The tools she has given me will continue to impact my life for eternity. I am now able to live a more joyous life free of harsh judgement and self doubt. Words cannot describe how eternally grateful I am for you Shawna!!!!

Hollie Hill, RN BSN, CFO

I am truly blessed to have experienced Shawna as a teacher.

I have wanted to take the course on Theta Healing for some time now and I realize why its taken so long. I was waiting to be matched with the perfect teacher and the perfect “classmates.”

I believe this was Shawna’s first Theta Class and I have to say she is a gift to all her students. Her passion, her compassion, and her ability to teach without words is amazing. Not only do you learn from her words but you learn from her energy and her actions. I am truly blessed to have experienced Shawna as a teacher.

Michael B.

A true healer with a beautiful heart.

The first thing that I loved about Shawna was that she was so responsive to my need for help.

When she phoned I liked her immediately. She was so warm and kind and made me feel very comfortable. After the first session I began to feel the results – much more relaxed, more open to new opportunities and life in general, plus my physical symptoms improved immensely after the first session.

Shawna is amazing; a true healer with a beautiful heart. I recommend her highly if you wish to progress rapidly on all levels – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Thank you Shawna!

V.B. Bellevue, WA

If Shawna is teaching it…you will have a wonderful experience

I took the Advanced Theta Class on May 14th through the 16th with Shawna O’Meara in Sacramento. It was a great experience and accomplished many things at this class.

I had been uncertain about my ability to go into the theta state and know that I was there at that state of being. During the three days we all had many chances to practice going in and out of theta and to be checked that we were at the seventh plane. I now feel confident in my ability to get to that state and make changes and do the witnessing.

Another thing I wanted to accomplish was that of seeing. I was not seeing things much before and was concerned about that. It was made clear that people have certain gifts such as seeing or just knowing or feeling the information that comes. Well, this validated my ability to feel the information. By the 2nd day I was seeing things and feeling really good about being able to do that when we did the exercises.

Something else we perfected was the art of digging for the issues. Shawna had us dig and coached us how to go deeper and to find the bottom issue. This was all done in a fun relaxed manner without any sense of judgment or scolding that many people may have experienced in a traditional school or classroom setting.

Theta is big and vast but there is a beginning point to it. There are beginning level skills and abilities to have to go forward and to start working theta for yourself and others. After this class I feel ready. I feel ready to work on myself, and to work on others whether it is in person or over the phone.

If you are considering taking any theta class do check and see if Shawna is teaching it.

You will have a wonderful experience.

James P, Accounting Student

An Amazing Experience
Taking the Advanced DNA class with Shawna O’Meara was an amazing experience. She was very thorough and informative. Her overall presentation was very clear and concise. She was extremely helpful when it came to answering any questions that we had. She also gives you the encouragement you need. She is the model instructor that everyone wants to have. I highly recommend taking her class.

Grace B, Occupational Therapy Student

I learned more in 3 days than I have in the past 6 years of working in the medical field


I am so excited after having just finished taking the Basic DNA class from you. I have worked and studied in the medical industry for over 6 years and have learned more about actually assisting patients/people heal in 3 days than I have in the past 6 years of working in the medical field. I can’t wait to get more of the classes under my belt so when I move to Australia in November, I’ll be doing ThetaHealing instead of my “job.”

Ebony S. Anderson

taught me that I always have options

I just wanted to write you and let you know just how much I appreciate the help you have given me through your Theta Healing and Energy healings.

First I must say that you have already taught me so much about my own journey in self-healing, without any classes. I cannot wait to start taking classes on Thetahealing™ from you. Just some of the areas that you have helped me with are balance; I am no longer tripping over nothing, and when I wake up in the middle of the night, I no longer have to stumble from grabbing the nightstand to the wall to the next corner. I now wake up with what I call my sea legs. I wake up balanced and able to just walk.

You have taught me a lot about the fact that I always have options, and by choosing my options I manifest different outcomes. I have fewer battles and more peace in my life. Shawna you have helped me allow Creator to download new knowledge of what it feels like to live a happy, prosperous life of peace and love. Then there is all the work of helping me to let go of old stuff and the anger of lifetimes. I am no longer being prescribed anti-depressants! I was taken off them with my doctors blessings!

As if that is not enough, the work you have done with Copper, my service dog has been a major blessing for both of us. Your work has helped him to release the trauma and fear of people after being abused by a former service client. As both Copper’s and my healing journey progresses, your help in healing our fears, is making it more and more safe to come out of our “protective shells.” I am witnessing Copper come out of his shell more and more each day as do others who know him. I am very much looking forward to learning and continuing my healing with you.

I cannot thank you enough for all of the help you have given me and Copper Dog through our sessions.


A very knowledgeable, capable, intuitive practitioner


I came to Shawna knowing nothing about Theta work – only knowing that Shawna is an intuitive, gifted healer and I needed help. Several sessions (and loads lighter) later, I found myself grateful that this incredible woman had been brought into my life.

Shawna’s deeply intuitive and compassionate nature makes her a natural healer. Add to this her deep-seated desire to continue to learn and grow in holistic healing methods and you have a healer with brilliant insight and uncanny abilities. You don’t have to understand Theta to reap the benefits – but you do want a very knowledgeable, capable, intuitive practitioner. Shawna O’Meara is one of those.

Dianna H. Registered Nurse

Big in presence and magnetic in personality

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for sharing your knowledge and doing such a beautiful job of teaching the class! I acquired some really great tools which I intend to implement and for that I am truly grateful. Your passion for what you do comes across equally in your healing sessions as well as in your classes. You are big in presence and magnetic in personality and I am so happy I made the decision to attend the Beginning ThetaHealing class with you.

With appreciation and love,

Christine R.

Man! You really do have an excellent relationship with Creator and are EXTREMELY GOOD AT WHAT YOU DO! I have a happy, happy Daughter. I have also learned many lessons during this time.

Really looking forward to class this March! So glad you have come into our lives, and yeah, Creator is sooo good to us. My daughter is very grateful for the session. She is truly happy and wants to celebrate by cleaning her house. It has been a long time since I have heard such clarity in her voice.

I’ve been telling her she has a voice, but you helped her know this and I am so grateful to you for using your gift to help my family members. She loves your method, and so do I. Thank you, Shawna. Her words are “I feel so clear and good! I felt that not being able to be in a crowd thing was a past life thing. I have a lot to learn.”

Does not sound that way to me now. I think she fears it will all come back. I will keep in contact with her to let her know she can recreate it, but assure her when Creator does the work it is done.


My work with Shawna continuously launches me to break though my current limits


I originally contacted Shawna several months ago looking for assistance in using the ThetaHealing tools I’d acquired in classes while in Italy two years ago.

My work with Shawna continuously launches me to break though my current limits into new territory I once thought unreachable; gaining new awareness and empowering myself with each session. She has helped bring great clarity, strength and healing into my life quickly, with grace, ease, love and most importantly of all, humor! I see the results each time and I feel safe and confident to walk this journey with her. She is a ticket to freedom and fulfillment! I highly recommend her to anyone who has the courage to do this work, and to do it continuously.

Tanya G.

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